ПЕЩЕРА (Cuevas de Sucre)

  • Что: прогулка по пещере
  • Intensity: средняя
  • Продолжительность тура: 2-3 часа
  • Гид: не требуется
  • Входной платы нет
  • Как добраться: на такси

"Cuevas de Sucre” are some fantastic lava formations located at an endemic forest on the way to the farms of Isabela, approximately 14 km from the town. This is about a 15 minute taxi ride from town.
The roof of the tunnels have an appearance of a gold mine.

In "Cuevas de Sucre” you can see endemic vegetation along the caves and tunnels of lava. On the way back you can stop at "Mirador del Mango" a highland spot where once a mango tree was planted (specie introduced to the Island). This is a very pleasurable land tour alternative to snorkeling/diving.

С собой: репеллент, защитный крем от солнца, вода и портативный фонарик.